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As a woman who loves black men, I sometimes wonder why there is this segregation between the so called “lighties” and Dark Chocolate”  I asked a couple of my friends what their preference was although most them did say they didn’t have a preference. It’s almost a know stereotype that quite a few men prefer light skin black women. I’m attempting to explore this notion from a females point of view. Women who leaned more toward the darker skinned men, said that they preferred Dark skin because it was like they embody the true essence of Africa. They look like warrior Adonis’s, made to sacrifices their lives to protect you “your chocolate Rock” as one of the ladies put it. Honestly I kinda get it when you see men like Tyrese, Lance Gross and Idris Elba it makes you think…. let’s call it sinful thoughts.

Upon asking a few other women why they prefer lighter skinned men there was a more emotive reason behind their preference. In their opinion the fair skin, light eyes and curly hair represented beauty and their is an something overtly sexy about a light skinned man. Some Ladies also said that they preferred lighter skinned men because as darker skinned women they hoped that their children would come out lighter than them. At that point i concluded we women are cray cray!!! how can you factor in child bearing at such an early stage as attraction?!?!!! and wouldn’t you love your kids however they look? I probed a little deeper and came to find that some of these women as children didn’t believe they were beautiful and where teased in school for begin too dark or for looking too African. Although they have since blossomed into beautiful black swans, far from the young teenage girls that were teased on the the play ground. It seems like those comments still affect them today, so much so they base their selection process of a partner on who can give me a lighter baby?

Thinking back as a young black girl growing up in the uk we hardly hard any british role models on tv (unless you want to count so solid crew?!?) We had to look to america to find any likeness of ourselves on TV. Even then the women had long cascading hair, smoothed light skin and light eyes that is what is deemed beautiful. Is it possible that some of us where conditioned as little girls to believe if you ain’t light, you ain’t right? Now you see celebrities getting lighter before our eyes, its almost like the lighter you are the more accepted you are.

But honestly in my opinion I believe all shades of our coco skin is beautiful, as long as you are willing to accept who you are and love yourself. There is someone out there, that you were specifically designed for honey!!! I personally lean a little to the Dark skin brothers, but I’ll give a lightie some play if he comes correct.
I joke I joke.

A special thank you to my very hot models.. Duke @D_Duke and Andy @iamauthentiq. follow them on twitter .


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